A selection of letters for your inventory
should be based on frequency of use.

Our records indicate the most widely used
proportion of letters in a single 100 letter
banner are shown below.

9 ea. of E
8 ea. of A and T
7 ea. of N and O
6 ea. of I, R and S
4 ea. of D, H and L
3 ea. of C, F, G, M, P, U, W and Y
2 ea. of B, K and V
1 ea. of X

The letters J, Q and Z are rarely used, but you should
have at least 2 of each on hand.

There is no actual usage pattern for numbers
available to go by, but we do have a couple of
helpful tips to save you money. There are
several numbers that are interchangeable with
letters such as O, I, 6, 9, M, W.

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