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Customs Plus was formerly associated with Aerial Sign Co. for over nine years making all of their letters and sewing all of their billboards. Among them include the famous, "Joe the Camel", Marky Mark, Mega Millions, the Bally's Slot Machine and many more.

Customs Plus actually makes what we sell. We eliminate the middle man so you get a top quality product at a fair price.


Billboards Letters
bulletAll billboards are assembled here at Customs Plus and are strictly computer generated.
bulletIt is the customers responsibility to supply all artwork directly to the printing company.
We have a list of available printers with whom you can contact.
bulletThe printer, using their own material, then prints your artwork to the size you have specified.
When printing is completed all pieces are directly shipped to us and we then finish the process of assembly according to your flying specifications.
All billboards include sleeve and or straps with price. Tailflags are at additional cost.
bulletAll billboards are french-folded, never taped, for added strength.
bulletAll edges are double folded.
bulletProduction time depends on receipt of material from printer.
bulletAll orders will be shipped by UPS unless prior arrangements have been made.
bulletWe use 1.9oz. nylon and 1.9oz ribstop.
bulletAll seams are either bar-tacked or back-tacked for added strength.
bulletPrices vary on letters. You'll never pay the same price for an "I" as you do an "M".
bulletAll letters are available in 5 or 7 ft.
bulletLetters are available in red or black
bulletProduction time is up to two weeks for special orders.
bulletIn stock items can be shipped over-night.
bulletWe manufacture the lightest, longest lasting letters available.. GUARANTEED!
bulletOur letters are completely compatible with Gassers round letters.
bulletAll orders are shipped  by UPS unless prior arrangements have been made.
bullet Call us today for our price sheets and a sample letter.
bulletPlease see our ad in "Trade-A- Plane".

Key Benefits

bulletLightest ,Longest Lasting Letters Available.
bulletAll products are 100% Guaranteed.
bulletPrices vary on letters. You'll never pay the same price for an "I" as you do an "M".
bulletCompletely compatible with Gassers round letters.


Call today for our competitive prices. (856) 678-3107

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